It has paid off…

Tyson grabbed this photo of me and this seriously sums up all the hard work and sacrifice in my life that has paid off. Just so freaking blessed and grateful to have this coach opportunity in my life.

I spent many:
➡️nights sacrificing sleep to go after my dreams.
➡️afternoons at my corporate job daydreaming of enjoying gorgeous days
➡️months of seeing very little return in my business
➡️ years broke and struggling before I found my way out (and I mean I made $100 too much for foodstamps struggle)
➡️ times going over how I have failed and how I could improve and wins that just led to sliding backwards.
but all those ups and downs, failures and small wins, I stuck with it because i saw the potential that could happen. Never giving up is what led me to building my dream home, getting to go hang out in the pool when I want, and live a life I have always dreamed of, at home with my kids, going on field trips with them, and actually making dinner each night because I am home to make it.
And now I get to mentor and guide others in making their dreams a reality. anything is possible with time, being coachable, and never giving up. 
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