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Seriously though, how does your day go? Are you scattered and never having any time for yourself or do you get everything done that you want to get done? 

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Yes stick to that schedule you created when you woke up! Didn’t create a schedule for your day? THAT is where you took a detour. Ruling your day is about taking 5 min first thing in the morning to look at your calendar, what you have going on, and to make a plan of what time you need to do things by to get it all done. 

some days are going to be exactly the same routine and some are going to be super chaotic. But that schedule can save you from procrastination and falling behind. 

I have a dentist appointment today so my miracle morning juice needed to be taken earlier, I needed to start my workout by 9am instead of 10am, and checked into my virtual bootcamp and with my coaches while my daughter got dressed for school instead of just FB scrolling half awake on the couch. 

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Which will you choose to rule your day by?