Throwback to before my life changed..for the better!

Holy throwback! kids get old so fast!

This was one month before I became a coach. My son was with me at work because my kids were always at my work. We didn’t have babysitters or family to watch them when they were sick or had off school. We could barely afford daycare. We could barely afford bills!

we even ate junk! just look at the arbys food! barf! what we “thought” was okay is so skewed to what really is healthy.

but boy is my life so different now 8 years later!
No longer do I have to worry about bringing kids to work… I get to work from home!
No longer do I have to worry about a boss, I am my own boss!
I can see the kids on AND off the bus every day.
I get to determine what I do throughout the day based on the schedule I create!
We FEEL so much better because we learned how to properly fuel ourselves for energy.

I am so thankful for taking that leap to be a coach. I don’t know where I would be right now without this opportunity and the friendships I have made through it to get me through all the hard times in life. We lean into each other when we need it most and it truly is like a second family.

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