did you know today is national gratitude day?

I dont have to work out… I GET to work out.

did you know today is national gratitude day? well today even with my sesamoiditis inflaming, I am so grateful that I have other workouts I can do and a little foot pain is not going to stop me. I am able to work out every day and able to take care of my health and that is something to be grateful for!

let’s keep this train moving… what are you grateful for today?

to keep going with the day of gratitude, There’s a lot to love about what I do. Helping others, working with my best friends that I met through social media, and having the freedom to work from where ever are a few easy and obvious ones. But today I’m feeling gratitude for something a little less blatant.
I just received a message from one of my challengers who has finally lost the baby weight and feels HAPPY again and loves what she is seeing in the mirror each day because of the nutritional mindset course we are doing together. To have that one little message that they are positive and love them self again? OMG that is EVERYTHING! That is why I do what I do is for those little moments.
There’s so much joy in what I do and today I am so very thankful!