mountains, snow covered trees, quiet trails….

adventure of the day…. winter survival. I made it out alive!

so the day started with the sun coming up and going out on the trails cross country skiing behind my parents house with one of my dads buddies and it was around 16 degrees out….

… turned around after 20 minutes because she was tired so Corbin and I kept going on the 3-mile trail…. it was gorgeous! mountains, snow-covered trees, quiet trails…

Corbin started to get tired after about 45 min so my dads friend thought to take a trail back…. which ended up not being the trail.

we saw dog sledders which was cool and kept going and eventually got so lost we back tracked the way we came and we were losing daylight fast…

5 hours and about 10 miles later my son and I and my dads friend made it out of the woods alive! lol sore, tired, HUNGRY, and just in time because it was getting dark fast. Corbin was such a trooper and got more exercise than he has had in years and kept pushing through even though he was exhausted. definitely proud of him because I was hurting!

I would say we are pros with winter land navigation now. ?