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What is stopping you?

Not motivated? I hear this so many times. I am just not motivated. We can easily overcome not being motivated by first figuring out what is it that is stopping us?
Think about that. What is stopping you? Belief. If you dont believe you can achieve the things you are aiming for, you wont take the action to create the motivation. Motivation is something that is created by action every day from our beliefs. If you believed that if you did these workouts as the calendars say, followed the meal plan, drank your shakeology, you would get a 6 pack, lose 50 pounds, fit into those pre-pregnancy pants, or whatever your goal is, wouldnt you continue it because you believe in yourself that you can do it?
Its when you put all your past situations of failures, of set backs, of times when you didnt believe yourself as the standard of what you are able to achieve ahead of anything else. BELIEF is the basis of everything.