If only people knew how great they are were supposed to feel..

This is one reason I am so passionate about what I do. Being in the military myself and where my job struggles in dealing with those who are not meeting the standards, where 1-3 americans are obese(not overweight but obese) and that number is growing closer to 2-3 in some states, this causes so many other issues like raising health care needs, and the fact that if we do need to do a draft again, we will have a soft and weak force.

If only these people knew how great they were supposed to feel! How easy its supposed to be to go up stairs and not be totally out of breath and how crappy the fast food industry is bringing down our energy levels and focus. How exercise and proper nutrition can elongate their LIFE! Who wouldnt want to live longer with less health issues? Obesity is a bigger deal than you may think!

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