Don’t feel guilty about the treats!

I don’t have to restrict food groups. that’s miserable and not sustainable to never have a cinnamon roll ever again. 🤣. or fries.. or mashed potatoes…or REAL bread!

Your choices come from empowerment and enjoyment, not deprivation or hating yourself after (and moving more into the dieting mentality). In my mindset nutrition program, its all about sticking to a positive mindset, tracking, and moving forward with no guilt. how powerful is that to never feel guilty about having a treat?!

The biggest secret though to weight loss? It’s about staying the course and that 80% healthy eating and having the 20% for treats, other than the other way around. But our mindsets to being in the 80% is where the change happens. Sure you can eat the treat. But do you want it? Are you going to feel guilty when eating it? Are you wanting it because of an emotional, stress, or boredom reason? When you really start to see your patterns for when you eat those silly treats and HOW you THINK and FEEL during and after you eat them, that is where the difference comes in.

For example, with this cinnamon roll, I just think, “Oh man this is delicious! That satisfied my taste buds.I’ll drink some water and have some cherry tomatoes before I want to grab another.”

Now the old me thought, “Man this is so goood, I need MORE. But I am going to have to workout even harder today. I am going to have to not eat any carbs for the rest of the day because I ate this. Man I just ruined all my results I worked hard for this week with this one cheat meal.”

See the difference? One is thinking that was good and moves on, the other has all these negative emotions towards eating it and has a dieting mentality towards food.

If you are in my virtual bootcamp, this week we are going over all about mindset and our self talk towards food and weight loss so you can start dropping and reaching your goals WHILE having foods you love!

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