She decided to just start and go all in. ??

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The journey to reaching your goals is ????!. If it was easy, change wouldn’t happen and we wouldn’t know what we are truly capable of if everything in life was just easy. The struggle of starting is what gets most people. Which is why joining the next virtual fitness and nutrition bootcamp starting April 22 is your ticket to overcoming the how and what! ( ???? below ?????!)

Check out ?????? who is a fellow team 2 Legit coach, military spouse, and crushing mom goals right now as a mom of 2!

She said, “I hit a breaking point. That point was the day I found myself hiding from pictures. Wanting to delete memories with my baby because of how I looked… something I was fully capable of changing. The journey would be hard but it’s only going to get harder the more you neglect yourself” So she decided to just start and go all in. ??

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