7 Steps to Success: Step 1

Success Step 1. Make a commitment to grow daily. What does that mean? It means to improve yourself. Through mind, body, and soul. Many times when we make a mistake, we don’t take ownership of that decision. We pass it on by reacting in anger, or hide our mistakes, we withdraw, or just give up all together. Or something happens in our lives that we throw our hands up to and wont do anymore because it didn’t work once.
?Β If you want everything else in life to improve, you have to improve yourself first.
?It requires us to get uncomfortable.
?Improvement is not satisfied with quick fixes. You cant fix your entire life or how you react by one action.
?Β It is a daily commitment.
To make it intentional, you have to :
1. Decide you are worth improving. Once you make the decision, then the action needs to take place.
2. Pick an area you need to improve. This can be in parenting, business, finances, overcoming obstacles, whatever area in life you want to know more about and become better in.
3.Find opportunities to improve when you are down. The hardest thing to realize is the lesson in our downfalls. But realize that when you want to give up or “fall off track”, that is a lesson! WHY do you fall off track? Why do you stop or lose motivation? Why do you let motivation be the deciding factor of you achieving your goals? Life is hard and attaining anything is hard. When you do things despite motivation, THAT is when you start to have success. Those that have figured out how to do things even though they dont want to are the ones who are succeeding in life.
We all have areas to improve. How we react to situations, how we can become a better person, parent, employee/boss, and friend. The biggest mistake one can make is to let circumstances and other people and failures determine your worth and success.
Within my team of coaches we read personal development daily. Its a commitment to ourselves to grow in the areas that we need help in or can improve upon. Here are some really great books that I have read lately.
– The obstacle is the way. by Ryan Holiday
– Relentless by Tim S Grover
– You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero
– Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
– Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson
– The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
– Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler
– The 5 second Rule by Mel Robbins